Afrika Tikkun believe that every young person deserves an opportunity to be the best they can be. They are dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and their families through community centre and strategic partnerships.

One such partnership is the Khaliques collaboration.

Khaliques core target market has traditionally been focused on businessmen mostly located in the Greater Johannesburg, with four stores, situated at the Oriental Plaza, Rivonia Road Sandton, Cedar Square and Mall of Africa.

One insight which has been borne out of community feedback is that young people entering the job market find it extremely expensive to dress well for that all-important job interview. (The two cost barriers, it was found, was the cost of a suit, and transport.) This insight made the collaboration all the more meaningful, as graduates from the Afrika Tikkun program were measured and suited through the ‘Khaliques trade-in’ program. Thus far, Khaliques have distributed over 800 suits.

Further to this the collaboration has launched an initiative to help young people in the effort to find employment in the retail sector – Vision 10 000. In a short time, the Vision 10 000 project has seen 20 Afrika Tikkun candidates being trained and placed in the four Khaliques stores, where they will gain meaningful and practical, on-the-job experience.

Khaliques and Afrika Tikkun envision this program being extended and taken up the other retail organizations with the objective of creating 10 000 new job opportunities.

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